Tuition + Financial Aid

A quality, Catholic education for as little as $148 per month!

Equitable Tuition 

Cyril & Philomena is proud to offer an elite private school education at a fraction of the cost. To ensure equity and accessibility, each family’s tuition contribution is determined by their household income level. Please see the chart below for a full breakdown of our equity-based tuition scale. Please also note that families MUST apply for financial aid in TADS by required deadlines & complete any CSF requirements (where applicable) to receive the stated amounts:

Kindergarten – 8th Grade* 

   1 child attending  2 children attending  3 children attending 
If FAMILY INCOME is…  Annual/ 

Monthly Cost 


Monthly Cost 


Monthly Cost 

Up to $10,000  $1,485/$148.50  $2,546/$254.60  $3,607/$360.70 
$10,001- $25,000  $1,910/$191.00  $2,971/$297.10  $4,031 /$403.10 
$25,001 – 35,000  $2,122/$212.20  $3,183/$318.30  $4,244/$424.40 
$35,001 – 45,000  $2,627/$262.70  $3,713/$371.30  $4,728/$472.80 
$45,001 – 60,000  $3,183/$318.30  $4,774/$477.40  $6,365/$636.50 
$60,001 – $75,000  $3,448/$344.80  $5,039/$503.90  $6,630/$663.00 
$75,001 – 90,000  $3,713/$371.30  $5,305/$530.50  $6,896/$689.60 
$90,001 -$130,000  $4,244/$424.40  $7,426/$742.60  $10,609/$1,060.90 
$130,001 and above  $4,517/$451.70  $8,487/$848.70  $12,466/$1,246.60 
WITHOUT APPLYING FOR FINANCIAL AID  IN TADS  $4,774/$477.40  $9,548/$954.80  $14,322/$1,432.20 


*Pre-K 3 & 4 tuition is a standard $3,975 and is NOT part of this scale. 

While the cost of educating a SS. Cyril & Philomena scholar is over $8,000 per child, thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, support from the state’s tax credit system, and rigorous financial oversight, ALL of our families only pay between $1,485-$4,774 per child! 


Generous Financial Aid 

Cyril & Philomena Catholic School is a tuition-based school where your family, if qualified, can receive financial assistance. We can provide you with a better idea of what you can expect to pay with a “Good Faith” estimate during your school tour so you won’t have to wait until financial aid is awarded.

Financial Aid 

With the help of generous benefactors and local businesses, SS. Cyril & Philomena is able to provide a high-quality Catholic education to prepare your child for the successful future you want for them. Families in need will receive tuition assistance based on the following criteria: 

  • Annual household income 
  • Number of children 
  • Other extenuating factors that affect your family’s finances 

Financial assistance is available through several scholarship programs. Financial aid forms must be filled out online during the enrollment process. Scholarship awards are based on: 

  • Verification of income 
  • Completion of necessary forms 
  • Submission of ALL required documents 
  • Meeting all deadlines 

The earlier you enroll and apply for financial aid, the better your chances are of securing scholarships for your students.